Öne Çıkanlar Donald Trump ÖZERKLİK VE ULUSLAR ARASI KORUNMA İSTENİYOR Henri Barack Obama Cem Özdemir

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Kurdistan Ulusal Kongresi`nden Trump`a Tebrik Mesaji
The Honorable Mr. Donald Trump, President-elect, the 45th president of United States of

We are delighted to hear of your victory in Tuesday's, the 8th of November 2016, election.
Please accept our warm congratulations on your victory and our best wishes for your success as
you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office.

Taking to the Republican National Convention over the summer, accepting the nomination you
mentioned correctly that "I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer
beat up on people that cannot defend themselves”. Indeed, the world is in need for underlining
the importance of mitigating the suffering of the vulnerable people, especially the stateless
people and the refugees.

Mr. President-Elect, the international community is well aware of the agony of people in
Kurdistan. The racism, discrimination, exploitation and suppression that the people of
Kurdistan face now and have been facing since the beginning of established arbitrary states in
the Middle East has had devastating consequences and results. Kurdistan´s history of the last
hundred years has been the history of struggling for peace, democracy, and stability. Our
struggle has been against occupation, dictatorship, totalitarianism, authoritarianism,
sectarianism and state-terrorism in the Middle East.

We hope that your appointment as the president of the USA can contribute to a solution of the
Kurdish question and will lead to freeing Kurdistan´s national leader Mr. Abdulla Ocalan who
has been in prison for 18 years now. Mr. Ocalan´s only crime is defending his own people.
The freedom of Mr. Ocalan will pave the way for peace and stability for the whole region.
We hope that your administration will have a clearer stand against Iran´s regional and
international terrorism and there will be a zero tolerance towards Turkey's assistance to ISIS
and to other radical and terrorist Islamic groups; that you will guide Turkey back to the
negotiation table with the PKK for a peaceful and democratic solution of the Kurdish question;
and that your administration engage and act as an intermediate between Turkey and the PKK
for a fair, quick and sustainable solution of the Kurdish question.

We congratulate and welcome your Excellency Mr. President-Elect and becoming-staff and
further express our sincere warmest greetings to you as the next USA president.
On behalf of The Kurdistan’s National Congress/ KNK
Nilüfer Koç and Rebwar Rashed

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